At Bow Tie Cafe’ we proudly serve Kilogram loose teas from Intelligentsia. Intelligentsia serves teas of unmatched quality with complex aromas, pristine leaf appearance, and tastes unique and unrivaled by anything to be found in the country. Tea is not simply another daily ritual, tea is an ephemeral art form to be relished with all the senses.


Organic Moroccan Mint:  Our Organic Moroccan Mint has a potent menthol quality that is further accentuated with hints of jasmine flower and basket-fired green tea. The cooling sensation and delicate body combine to create an extremely refreshing tea that can be enhanced with a touch of sugar or honey.

Organic Jasmine Green:  Jasmine Green is a traditional blend of spring-picked green tea scented with fresh aromatic jasmine blossoms.  Many jasmine scented teas undergo a pan-firing process.   Our Jasmine Green, in contrast, was gently baked to better absorb the complex aroma and flavor of jasmine.  Only scenting the tea repeatedly can create such a perfumed and fragrantly dynamic cup.

Organic Earl GreyOur version of the traditional English favorite features real bergamot oil, matched with a full-bodied Yunnan black tea to produce an intense floral citrus flavor with a smooth, lingering finish.

Organic English Breakfast:  The slightly spicy malt character of our Organic English Breakfast gives way to sweet dried fruit flavors and delicate notes of spice.  The rich and smooth body creates a cup with layers of depth not often found in breakfast teas.  The sugary finish is slightly citric with a lingering flavor of toasted malt.

Organic Masala ChaiA blend of traditional Indian spices and brisk black tea, our Organic Masala Chai is best prepared with warmed milk and just enough sugar to bring out the spice’s intricacies.

Organic Chamomile:  Egyptian chamomile blossoms are a great caffeine-free herbal alternative to our teas. The buttery body and apple-like aroma can be enhanced with a touch of honey for a soothing beverage that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Organic King Crimson:  The hot tea version of our hibiscus blend is a combination of rosehips, lemongrass, licorice root, and natural citrus flavors. Tart and fruity, the layered flavor matches the intensity of the bright red infusion for a great naturally caffeine free cup.