“The intelligentsia, from Latin: intellegentia, pronounced [ɪntʲɪlʲɪˈɡʲentsɨjə]) is a social class of people engaged in complex mental labour aimed at guiding or critiquing, or otherwise playing a leadership role in shaping a society’s culture.”

Bow Tie Café is one of the only locations in Cincinnati to brew Intelligentsia coffee and espresso from Chicago. Intelligentsia is the true embodiment of “Direct Trade”. Intelligentsia’s buying team cumulatively spends over 365 days each year at source actually developing coffees while working alongside growers. Intelligentsia coffees are unlike any others, and they are exclusive to the brand. The insights, practices and expertise in preparation and processing garnered from their work around the globe apply to each of their Direct Trade coffees to make them the absolute best they can be.

To ensure the growers prosper Intelligentsia guarantees a price that is paid directly to the growers, which is set far above international fair trade standards. By combining focused attention at source with cup-quality price incentives, Intelligentsia continuously expands economic opportunity and culinary possibility.

At Bow Tie Café we carefully craft all the traditional coffee and espresso drinks:

Americano •fresh brewed espresso diluted with hot water

Breve Latte •espresso with hot steamed half & half for that extra rich and creamy taste

Brewed/Drip Coffee • fresh brewed and served straight up!

Café Au Lait •fresh brewed coffee and steamed milk

Cappuccino •espresso with steamed milk and topped with a deep layer of foam

Caramel Macchiato •steamed milk with vanilla-flavored syrup, espresso and caramel sauce

Chai Latte •Masala chai tea with hot steamed milk

Cortado •“mini cappuccino”, small mug of espresso with steamed milk and deep layer of foa

Espresso •strong shot of fresh brewed espresso served in small mug

Espresso Con Panna •strong shot of espresso served in small mug with whipped cream

Latte •espresso with hot steamed milk and a slight amount of foam

Macchiato •strong shot of espresso served in small mug topped with steamed milk foam

Mocha •espresso with hot steamed milk, dark or white chocolate & whipped cream

White Mocha •espresso with hot steamed milk, white chocolate & whipped cream

Pour Over •the serious coffee drinkers beverage! A flavorful, clean-tasting way to express the qualities of drip coffee by pouring water over coffee into a cone – process takes 5 minutes so be prepared to relax while you wait

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